Diet Product: KLB-5 Formula

KLB-5 Formula Diet Product

KLB-5 Formula 180ct – WonderSlim

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Product Description: KLB-5 Formula

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Used in conjunction with a healthy eating regime, KLB-5 can help you lose excess inches while you shed unwanted pounds. One of the most popular weight loss products in recent years, KLB-5 is a perfect balance of 5 time-tested nutrients. Each nutrient is extracted from nature for maximum potency to help you achieve all-natural weight loss and your ideal shape. As always, Diet Direct recommends consulting with your physician before using any diet supplement. Individuals with sensitivity to iodine or presently using blood thinners should not use KLB-5.

Key Features of WonderSlim KLB-5 Formula:

  • Supports thyroid function with natural iodine from kelp
  • Potassium rich apple cider vinegar expels excess sodium
  • Advanced blend of ingredients increases energy levels
  • Natural compounds work synergistically to trim inches
  • Ephedra Free

KLB-5 Formula Order Options