Diet Product: Multi-Formula 540 ct

Multi-Formula 540 ct Diet Product

Multi-Formula 540ct – Bariatric Advantage

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Product Description: Multi-Formula 540 ct

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Bariatric Advantage Multi-Formula (540 Capsules)
540 Capsules Per Bottle

With over a decade’s experience formulating and manufacturing nutritional supplements for individuals who have experienced weight loss surgery, Bariatric Advantage has developed a deep understanding of vitamins and how they work together to benefit the human body. In creating their Multi Formula with Antioxidants, they put that knowledge to work to create what some believe is the best multivitamin available. Featuring a scientifically balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, this unique formula offers a significant amount of vitamin B12 and healthy quantities of important nutrients like folic acid and selenium which many of us tend to lack in our diets.

This complete multivitamin is made in the USA and is free of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

Key Features of Bariatric Advantage Multi-Formula:

  • Contains the natural forms of vitamin E, vitamin D3 and Beta Carotene for more complete absorption
  • Contains the complete B Complex needed for optimum health
  • Scientifically balanced formula for maximum effectiveness
  • Contains vanadium and chromium, trace minerals which may help support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Small sized two piece gelatin capsules for easy swallowing and gentle digestion

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